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Legal Information and Privacy Policy


Thanks for visiting this site. By visiting this site, you hereby agree that you understand and accept the following:

1. That this is a motivational site. It expressly does NOT offer legal advice or services. You are strongly urged to retain a competent bankruptcy lawyer prior to commencing any bankruptcy proceeding.

2. That this site is offered on an "as-is" basis, with no guarantees of any kind. The information was accurate, to the best of our knowledge, when the site was written, but we make no claim that it is still accurate today. Things change, and sometimes they change faster than we can update our site to reflect those changes.

3. That the information provided here is free and is offered without compensation or consideration. Accordingly, we have no obligation to you, nor you to us, nor does any "business" relationship exist.


Privacy Policy

This site does not ask for nor collect any personally identifiable information from our visitors, therefore there is nothing for us to protect, share, distribute, nor otherwise be concerned about. You are free to wander through this site to your heart's content without telling us a blessed thing about yourself.

Our server, like all Web servers, does collect various information, but none of it identifies you as a person. This information includes (but is not necessarily limited to) your current IP address (without which we would have no idea where to send the pages you request), what browser you're using, how you got to this site, which pages you read, and how long you stayed. This nformation is analyzed only in the aggregate.

If you choose to post a rant on our anonymous ranting page, you understand and agree that it will become visible to the entire Internet-connected world within seconds. You also understand and agree that posts cannot be retrieved, edited, deleleted, or otherwise modified once they have been posted. You agree not to use your real name when you post, and you agree that all posts immediately become public-domain content. Long story short: Don't post anything stupid, and you should be fine.



This site features advertising from various companies. Once you click on an ad, you come under that advertiser's legal and privacy policies, not ours.

Some advertisers may utilize "cookies" or other methods to serve ads to you, to keep track of which pages you visited and which ads were displayed to you, to authenticate your account if you make a purchase, for security purposes, and for other perfectly legitimate, lawful reasons.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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Thank you for visiting our site!


Legal Information and Privacy Policy

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