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Rant and Rave About Bankruptcy


Okay, so you're bankrupt, and you're angry about it -- and you really want the world to know it!

You have a lot to say about the people and institutions who have hurt you and who, on some level, you blame for your position. Maybe you're angry at the banks, your old boss, your ex-spouse, or your lazy brother-in-law. Maybe you're angry at your clients and customers who never paid you, or maybe you're angry at those idiots in Washington D.C. who screwed up the economy so badly that it's a miracle that even more people haven't gone bankrupt.

Maybe you're a young person who's angry at the older generation for leaving such a mess of an economy to them; or maybe you're an old person angry at the younger generation for not understanding that we really did try to make things better for you than we had them.

Maybe you're angry at the idiot trustee who just doesn't understand that your financial situation is unique.

Or maybe you're just angry at yourself.

Whatever the case, here's the chance to rant about it -- anonymously, and with no registration required. Choose any display name you like (but please, not your real first and last name), and say what you have to say. Your rants will appear here uncensored (except for automated spam-filtering) until they're replaced with new rants (because, well, you know, the old rants get kind of boring after a while).



So go ahead and get it all out of your system. Read through the existing rants, and then scroll down the page to add your own. Rant on, my friends. And then when you're done ranting, move on, and start building your new life.

Existing Rants

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On 2017-02-03 21:25:37 U.S. Mountain Time, Teddy ranted into the ether:
Love this website, it has been very helpful to me. I have had a recently discharged chapter 13, and starting to rebuild my credit by applying for a secured Credit card with SDFC. I Really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this website, it provides good information, wisdom, and humor. Thanks, Teddy (not my real name)

On 2017-01-15 12:14:47 U.S. Mountain Time, Webmaster ranted into the ether:
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On 2016-09-18 17:19:15 U.S. Mountain Time, Joe ranted into the ether:
It feel good to be rid of all that debt. :)

On 2015-07-15 06:52:10 U.S. Mountain Time, Zed ranted into the ether:
I don't care what happened in the past,
I can see the six figures on my future pass.We'll see.

On 2015-07-10 08:50:50 U.S. Mountain Time, Zed ranted into the ether:
Whatever happens I never give up my own precious business, NEVER!

On 2015-02-25 13:00:03 U.S. Mountain Time, Not=so Fast . . . ranted into the ether:
Tried a couple of Credit Unions in my area (Southeast Texas) to get a "secured" credit card per the instructions on this site.
The first one told me they couldn't do anything for me until 2 years after my discharge . . yes, they really said this.

The others in my area didn't exactly roll out the red carpet either (not that I was expecting it). When I eventually had a chance to asked about the reporting practice for their cards to the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs), they all said they reported cards as "secured".

So, to stop the apparent waste of time, I made a visit to the beloved First Tech Credit Union.

However, I as very surprised to hear that First Tech's policy is also to notify credit reporting agencies (CRAs)that a card is secured or unsecured.

I even showed them your article saying how great they were, and how they didn't have to supply this detailed information to the CRA's. But, they said it was their policy.

I admit, they were very nice, and wanted to help me (which was better than any of the others I visited). But, at the end of the day, I'm not sure how helpful they were because of their policy.

Does anyone know of a Credit Union in Texas that does not tell the CRAs if a card is secured or not?

Is this a First Tech corporate policy, or can I call someone at their main office to see if they can help me?


On 2014-01-27 22:48:34 U.S. Mountain Time, tfVSVPUWrmFImbDFP ranted into the ether:

On 2013-10-13 22:05:24 U.S. Mountain Time, Take Responsibility ranted into the ether:
I recently filed bankruptcy 'pro se' because I did not have $2500 to give to a lawyer. In addition, my filing fee was waived. So, my bankruptcy was FREE.

The worst part about filing bankruptcy was the 3 months that it took me to decide to file. So sad, but now I am on to rebuilding my life. My life is not over.

So many people ranting about the bank, President Obama, and whoever else they want to blame. I don't blame anyone but myself for this position. I had it all, but I did not take care of it.

I will rebuild my life with better habits and wiser decisions. Blaming is for cowards. It is time to take responsibility for the actions you have taken.

The government officials or banks did not make us take out loans and fill out credit applications. As long as you play the 'blame game', you will remain stuck.

Agree or Disagree? I don't care!

On 2013-07-17 15:16:20 U.S. Mountain Time, Nikki ranted into the ether:
I had to file for bankrutpcy because the student loan people wouldn't work with me after saying they sent me a garnishment notice 2 YEARS AGO to the WRONG ADDRESS.. bastards were going to take $260 a month from me. Then advised me that in order to do loan consolidation, I had to pay an EXTRA $50 per month. I finally gave up and filed. They're still going to get their money, but at least it'll be reasonible payments. I can't afford $260 a month for something for student loans and pay all my other bills too. I'm glad I filed, but I'll admit, it was the most emotional thing I've ever done. It's a really simple process, but very emotionally straining. I'm going to put my self in a better position and NEVER be this broke and over extended ever again.

On 2013-05-03 17:13:33 U.S. Mountain Time, Niahanchi Mama ranted into the ether:
Bankruptcy after business failure (Thanks, Obama), extended unemployment and having to care for an autistic child (homeschool because the local SD didn't want to do the job.)

Have been in a courtroom to challenge the schools, etc.

Had to defend myself against a frivolous lawsuit (becuase the contingency lawyer for the other side kept going to get it on the books so he could get paid...should have been thrown out) Not gonna get any money now.

In court to try to get delinquent clients of our business to pay. Squeezing blood from a turnip.

In court because my husband and I were ready to divorce. The reality of our autistic son's needs changed that...we reconciled, amazingly enough.

In court for bankruptcy.

In court for foreclosure (will be doing a deed in lieu)

Sick Sick Sick of lawyers, courtrooms. I get physically sick when I approach the courthouse these days.

There are thousands of families like mine who have gone bankrupt due to the burden of autism (note I said "autism" not my son...)

Can't collect unemployment, cant get housing assistance, in fact, we can get virtually NO help to transition to some other form of housing.

Desperately looking for work (both are college educated), can't find anything that will allow us to deal with our ASD kid. Husband is making $11 an hour - this is not a living wage. We are looking at being out on the street. Literally. Family, relatives just don't get it - think we are deficient and dysfunctional. Church folks keep their distance - TMI. I could go on...I may be back.

On 2013-03-02 11:08:26 U.S. Mountain Time, madman ranted into the ether:
Yea use straight talk prepaid, well straight talk asked for name when sighing up my service, and apparently gives it out as now creditors call me on my prepaid...sigh

On 2013-01-20 23:13:57 U.S. Mountain Time, Me ranted into the ether:
Bankruptcy trustees are weird. He adjourned my meeting because I didn't have my Social Security Card, after making me take that stupid course where they kept telling me that I shouldn't carry my Social Security Card around with me. Like, wtf?

On 2013-01-13 16:55:05 U.S. Mountain Time, The Webmaster ranted into the ether:
This is Test Rant 2, to check the margin rendering.

My advice is that you all leave the banks in droves! All banks basically suck, so go ahead and vote with your feet! Find a good credit union instead. They're everywhere.

Personally, I think First Tech Fed is a darn good credit union. Certainly they're one of the best I've ever dealt with. But even the worst credit union is still better than the best bank.


On 2013-01-13 16:31:55 U.S. Mountain Time, The Webmaster ranted into the ether:
This is a Test Rant!

Banks Suck!

There... I feel much better now.

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